Bless You

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Ah, “Bless You”… my “first” movie, with the other actual “first” film of mine being accidentally deleted from everything. I wrote this thing in high school and never found an opportune time to make it until my first year of college, in my Cinematic Storytelling class up in San Francisco, CA.

Probably the “sweetest” thing I’ve made so far, it’s a cute little bit of visual storytelling about getting lost in one’s thoughts and day dreams. I had a more cynical approach, but my professor made me add some resonant narrative bookends, which is fair. It feels more full, at least. I don’t mind it all 2 years later, even if it isn’t perfect. I didn’t realize we weren’t recording sound until, like, an hour and 10 shots into the shoot, so I just threw that out the window. It was also my first time directing more than one person, and I wasn’t great with cameras so the montage stuff looks rough, but hey, at least it’s a montage.

Speaking of montage, that’s more or less what made me excited about the piece, cutting it to “Walking Away” by Streetlight Manifesto, speeding through an exciting and new relationship. Stylistically, it had me eager to really develop stuff and tell the kinds of stories I wanted to tell, in the way I want to tell them. Since then, I feel like I’m cultivating the same kind of pace, passion, and personality I tried to emulate back then. Hopefully I got a little better. Either way, I’m proud of this thing, and love sharing it, and looking back on it once in a while.

Thanks to Patrick McCoy, Maya Zubrat, Jp Diaz, Anthony Bias, Anne Earhart, and David Jones for storyboarding it.

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