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Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 3:16 pm
Poster by David Jones

Poster by David Jones

“Epilogue…” was my first effort at a creating a web series. It was… or is an anthology series following individual parties after they watch a movie in theaters, up until they fall asleep at night. Could be funny, could be dramatic, could be weird: the possibilities were… are endless.

My episode, “Riley”, made for the series yet also for a class assignment, ended up being this sort of ethereal drama, kind of inspired by montage heavy, emotionally driven sequences in films like The Tree of Life, which is already a pretentious thing to say so I’ll stop there. It has the works: voice over, editorial play, and LCD Soundsystem song (this thing ain’t going anywhere) because I’m unoriginal, etc. Also my acting, which wasn’t supposed to be the case originally, but WHAT CAN BE HELPED?

A lot of work goes into this kind of thing, especially when I wanted to collaborate with some of my favorite friends and filmmakers for individual episodes, letting their voices run the segment. The first effort was made with Jp Diaz and Kabir Kamboj, and it’s a sweet little thing. You should check out their episodes here! I definitely would like to revisit it in maybe a bigger, badder, and more complex and interesting way. Maybe some day.

Thanks to Jp Diaz and Kabir Kamboj for making things with me, and to Octavio Estrada for shooting some of the episodes. Also David Jones for the poster.

Here are Jp and Kabir’s episodes respectively, which I helped co-produce, curate, and make in several ways.


This is the trailer for season one of my web series “Epilogue…”, featuring footage from my episode, and episodes by Jp Diaz and Kabir Kamboj. It also includes footage from a bunch of films like “Baghead” “Goodbye, Dragon Inn”, “Cinema Paradiso”, “The Informant!”, “The Master”, and many others.

The idea of the series was to convey a sense of intensely music can make us feel in all ways, from the extreme, to the undeterred. After all, the deeper question here is the nature of why we ingest any entertainment at all. I studied that in this trailer… well, in a quick montage, basically. The point is, that stuff means a lot to, and I hope to explore that more in the series.

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