In the Garage

Posted on Friday, August 21st, 2015 at 11:55 am

I originally made this as a simple exercise for a class project in studying someone’s habits and actions. Naturally, I turned to my friend, the self-proclaimed Prince of Orange County, Kabir Kamboj, who I knew definitely had a process. Every time I’d hang out with him, he’d be lifting, talking about lifting, talking about wrestling, watching wrestling, or yelling about how Drake, Kanye West, and Terrence Malick should all be friends.

I exaggerate, but Kabir’s spirit always inspired me, and observing him for this project turned into a very strange, quiet, ridiculous, and kind of sweet non-fiction piece. I don’t know if it’s a film or a documentary, so I’ll just say I’m quite proud of this “THING.”

Thanks to Kabir for letting me drink diet coke in his garage all the time.

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