Two, Mississippi

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2015 at 10:34 pm

Poster by David Jones If there’s anything that’s been heavily inspirational to me as a filmmaker, it’s the genre that people despise saying, and sometimes even watching: Mumblecore. Films by Joe Swanberg, Mark and Jay Duplass, Andrew Bujalski, Alex Ross Perry, and others have really gotten me excited and confident in my desire to make films and tell stories. The style they apply is not only one of simplicity, but a testament to the ability to just pick up a camera and go.

With cinematographer/friend Emma Garofalo on camera, and actors/improvisers/also friends Jake Collins and Austin Henton in front of it, we tackled this dark comedy I wrote in one long night. It’s a strange piece about friendship and humanistic obligations… also jackasses being jackasses to each other, ignoring the bigger issue at hand.

It’s a scrappy, harsh little bugger that I’m quite proud of. That said, it’s “mumblecoreness” is VERY apparent. For Christ’s sake, the protagonists are Mark and Joe. Ugh. Sorry.

Thanks to Austin Henton, Jake Collins, Emma Garofalo, P.K. Kamboj, David Jones for the poster, Alex Morand for the title (seriously), and Kinan Chabani for coloring it!


This was a weird one. I considered going for a more traditional, dialogue driven trailer, but I figured it’s all a little too loose, and that editing to music is still fun. This Sonic Youth track always seemed really manic and tense in a fun way, so I was glad to find something fitting to it. Of course, the film isn’t as aggressive as this, at least in my opinion, but I like to heighten the volatile so that the more dramatic moments come as more of an interesting surprise.

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