Closing Time

Posted on Thursday, August 20th, 2015 at 10:45 pm

My mother, Rowena Pajarito, has been the owner and head baker at Scrumptious Wedding and Specialty Cakes since she ran it out of our home while I was in diapers. She shifted to a shop in 2007, and I finally made one of my dumb movies in it late 2014. It was for a visual storytelling emphasis assignment, and I kind of wanted to do something similar to parts of The Night Shift wherein I simply wrote and observed character actions… and then I had to be in it because no one likes playing with me. That said, I got to work with Dillon McEvoy for the first time, a very talented director of photography and friend, and we got to do some weird visual storytelling and have fun with his Black Magic Cinema Camera, which he wields with great passion… because they’re expensive cameras.

Thanks to my mom, and Dillon, for letting me play with him and his expensive toys.

Wait… no, nevermind, it’s fine.


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