My name is Rocky, and this is my website.

You know, my mom once told me “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet”. And that’s always really stuck with me.

I’m a filmmaker and writer out of Southern California, currently studying at Chapman University. I’ve been writing about films, video game, television, and podcasts since middle school, and have been making films for about 4 years now. Since going to college, I’ve garnered an interest in writing about them in long form sometimes. The medium of cinema and television means the absolute world to me, I HAVE NO INTENTION OF STOPPING.

I’ve been doing stand up comedy on and off the past couple of years, and I’m actively performing in an improv group out of Chapman. With them, we’ve made dozens of comedy sketches and short films, as well as outlets for comedic writing.

In addition to making my own films and sketches, I do freelance videography and editing, for special occasions, as well as small businesses, such as Regal Commercial Services, and Scrumptious Wedding & Specialty Cakes.

I’ve written about video games, film, television, comedy, and podcasts in a freelance sense for 5+ years, in outlets such as Crossfader Magazine, The Final Image Blog, and Video Game Choo Choo.

On this website, you can see my work for these various outlets in their proper categories. Look around and check stuff out! I hope you love the work as much as I loved making them.

Also, I play the drums.

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